“Date someone who doesn’t even want to play because the game ended the moment they met you.”

-Rania Naim, “Date Someone You Don’t Have To Impress”, Thought Catalog2016


“Why do we overcomplicate things? Take our lives and twist them in circles? Make our emotions messy and muddled and misconstrued until we aren’t even sure what we’re feeling anymore?

Pick up. Dial. Pause. Speak.
It’s really just that simple.

I hope that ache cuts deep, I hope that loneliness sets in, and I hope, most of all, that you reach for me. Across skies and galaxies, across wind and weather and static phone lines. Across cities and states and different dreams, I hope you reach for me.

Because no matter the time or distance, I’ll always love the sound of your voice.

There is a world of difference between us. Words that were said, and bitten back. Laughter that was shared, and stifled. Thoughts that were expressed, and held hostage in our brains.

Regardless of where we are right now, your name will still taste like strawberry wine and first kisses. Like naïveté and stubbornness. Bittersweet.

I hope you think of hanging up a million times, but you don’t.

And I hope my ‘hello,’ is just what you want to hear.

Timid. Eager. Confused. Calm.
To your Dial. Pause. Speak.

And I hope our voices fall into rhythm, thousands of words and stories to share. Across oceans and rivers, towns and memories, and years passed between us—I hope that phone call fills the gap.”

-Marissa Donnelly, “When You Miss Me, Just Call”, Thought Catalog2016

Entry No.63


We are moving to our new office tomorrow. Finally. Today, we already packed our things. There is no more backing out. Schedule’s final. Today, everyone fills in their boxes with their personal stuff. Papers. Books. Pens, etc. Boxes were already sealed. We are just waiting for the movers to pick them all up and transport them to our new workplace tomorrow. Am I excited? Of course! It’s a new office, new environment, new work schedules, new everything! Who wouldn’t get excited? Change is coming. Haha! I just hope it’s gonna be more comfy and motivating working in there. Fingers crossed!

Entry No.62


Today was one hella day. I can’t believe I was able to survive this freaky Wednesday. Oh, God. I can still clearly see myself struggling with tummy ache. Oh, poor me. I had to hit the restroom after every hour. Good thing I didn’t faint along the way. Tummy cramps made me feel so weak. Cold sweat’s all over my body. Can you just imagine my struggle? That was really a terrible experience I never want to happen again in my life, never when I’m in the office again. Gosh. It wasn’t really a good start of the month. Na

Entry No.61


Has it ever crossed your mind if someone out there has a crush on you? That somehow, there is someone who is secretly falling head over heels about you. Someone who gets that little heart attack moment whenever they get see you. Someone who stutters a lot and even gets lost for words whenever they talk to you. Someone whose face begins to turn red whenever you utter compliments about them or you simply flash a smile to them. Someone who collects pictures of you. Someone who writes about you. Hey, don’t confuse me with stalkers. This idea just got me thinking for days now so I thought of writing them here. Maybe this kind of specie does exists. Maybe there is really that someone who’s out there fancied about your existence. Maybe they’re still taking in a lot of guts and courage to say “Hi!” to you. These are possibilities, possibilities and who knows, maybe I’m right? We just have to wait because, true enough, it’s much easier to recite in front of the class than to confess to someone you have a big crush on him.  

Entry No.60


There really are lazy days. Days that you just want to lie down all day and roll yourself in blankets like sushis. But whenever you feel this kind of days, it’s just a pain in the ass. Feeling the lazy vibe isn’t healthy at all. It affects work. In my case, I have to fight with myself just to finish at least a quarter or half of my workload for the day. I need to find a motivation even just to have things done. I’ve been feeling this one for days now and I just feel pissed because this attitude is so not me.

Friends for Keeps

h.jpg“Many friends come and go in life, but if you’re lucky, you’ll have a good one that sticks around for the long haul.” -Thought Catalog.

You really are lucky enough if you have those friends whom you have met since your first day in college and they are still there, maybe not physically present but you know with just one call or text, you’ll feel they’re nowhere too far from you to not save you from drowning in deep melancholy.

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