Entry No.63


We are moving to our new office tomorrow. Finally. Today, we already packed our things. There is no more backing out. Schedule’s final. Today, everyone fills in their boxes with their personal stuff. Papers. Books. Pens, etc. Boxes were already sealed. We are just waiting for the movers to pick them all up and transport them to our new workplace tomorrow. Am I excited? Of course! It’s a new office, new environment, new work schedules, new everything! Who wouldn’t get excited? Change is coming. Haha! I just hope it’s gonna be more comfy and motivating working in there. Fingers crossed!


Entry No.62


Today was one hella day. I can’t believe I was able to survive this freaky Wednesday. Oh, God. I can still clearly see myself struggling with tummy ache. Oh, poor me. I had to hit the restroom after every hour. Good thing I didn’t faint along the way. Tummy cramps made me feel so weak. Cold sweat’s all over my body. Can you just imagine my struggle? That was really a terrible experience I never want to happen again in my life, never when I’m in the office again. Gosh. It wasn’t really a good start of the month. Na

Entry No.60


There really are lazy days. Days that you just want to lie down all day and roll yourself in blankets like sushis. But whenever you feel this kind of days, it’s just a pain in the ass. Feeling the lazy vibe isn’t healthy at all. It affects work. In my case, I have to fight with myself just to finish at least a quarter or half of my workload for the day. I need to find a motivation even just to have things done. I’ve been feeling this one for days now and I just feel pissed because this attitude is so not me.

Entry No.56


Promises. I have never loved promises at all.
I have never loved promises since the day I heard you lied.
I have never loved promises the moment I realized you’ll never come though you said you will. 
I have never loved promises since that time you said you’d call but I received none.
I have never loved promises when you said you will pen a poem or a story about me but you have written none.
I have never loved promises since the day you said you’ll never leave but then you never came back. True enough, promises are made to be broken. That’s why I have never loved them at all.

Entry No.55


I’ve been binging so much on poetry today. I guess ‘obsessed’ could fit the everything I’m feeling in a box. Poetry is beautiful. Poets are awesome. I have always been attracted to writers. I find them ‘sexy’ [let’s put it that way, yeah?] enough to make my heart skip a beat. Seriously, I have a big crush on people who know to to juggle words without dropping them. They always leave me in awe. I told myself even that when the right one comes, I hope he is a writer or a poet at least. He’ll write about me and all things about us. 

Entry No.54


It was the voice I longed to hear for a month now. There are words I want to hear. Your voice is still the one that my ears want to listen for hours. I missed your laugh. Your jokes are still bad, not funny enough to make me laugh. Haha! But you, you were still that someone who would laugh at everything I’d say. Nothing major has changed. We can still manage to talk for hours. Bad thing your phone’s signal’s too weak you can hardly hear me on the other line. But still, we talked again. And that’s all that matters. 

Entry No.53


He called last Sunday. T’was 7:11 in the evening when my phone started ringing. I was holding it but I didn’t answer. My heart was pounding like crazy.I still don’t know what to say. It has been a long time. Yeah, 2 months is long enough for me. Long enough to somehow forget some of the things we used to talk about. So I swiped my phone’s screen and ignored the call. “He’ll call again,” I said. And he did [after I texted him I wasn’t able to answer his call]. And we talked like how we used to before.