052717. Saturday Night. Open Mic. Sparks. Chasing Cars.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetI still can’t forget those stares. I knew it was something.

It was already 8:00 in when we reached Rooftop Food Park in Lagro, Quezon City. We’re two hours late from the 6:00 pm schedule of the Open Mic Night. But whatever, I’m blaming it all to the heavy rains which caused the heavier traffic from Anonas to Lagro. Ugh.

But enough with the blah blah. We immediately ordered our food as soon as we arrived. I can’t contain our gutom anymore. Toni and Lors got tempura while I ordered for pork sisig. We also had milkshakes to satisfy our palettes.


Now here it is. While we were waiting for our orders to come to our table, there is this guy who caught my attention. Actually, I raised my eyebrows when I saw him walk though the registration booth for the performers. I don’t know, medyo feel na feel kasi ang paglalakad while entering the hall. He was wearing all black from his cap down to his shoes. He has a guitar with him. He was with another guy who I presume was also a performer.

Masyado pang matagal before dumating ‘yung food so I let my eyes wander around the food park. The food park was not that crowded yet. I believe hindi pa ganun katagal since it started its operation. There are still a lot of vacant stalls; some are even on the process of installation. So yeah, I kept on looking around, trying to take some photos of the place and the ones performing poetry slams on stage, when napadaan na naman ang tingin ko sa guy na sinasabi ko kanina. This time, I saw him looking at me. I felt a little awkward staring back so I pull myself from it then I just brushed it off. Then dumating na nga ang food namin finally. We were already starving to death so I wouldn’t wonder why it only took us minutes to finish our food. Haha! Ubos agad. After eating, we enjoyed the open mic performances and also the acoustic songs they’re playing. Then ito na naman. I noticed him looking at me again. Though  wala namang masyadong emosyon sa mukha niya, he’s not smiling but he’s definitely not throwing that creepy look naman. It was as if he’s wearing this innocent look trying to know me with just his eyes asking. Ganern, beshie. ‘Di ko na lang din masyadong tinitingnan pabalik kasi nakakahiya din. My friends went to the CR for a while, bale naiwan ako mag-isa sa table. I didn’t want to assume ha pero I saw the other guy na kasama ni kuyang panay stare sa akin na he’s taking photos toward my direction while si kuya nakatingin kay guy na nagpi-picture. Nagkunwaring smile na lang ako para mas maganda ang candid. Hahaha! 

So ‘yun. It was almost 10 and my friend’s sister is already bugging her via phone telling her to go home na. But then it was the guy’s time to perform. When he was about to start his second song, he threw a little spiel, [non-verbatim]

Guy: “Ang sunod na kantang kakantahin ko ay iaalay ko sa isang babae na andito ngayon. Sa kanya ko naramdaman ‘yung sparks ngayong gabi. Well, crush ko siya.” 

This time, nakatayo na kami ng mga friends ko para umuwi. Nakatalikod na ako sa stage kung saan nagpe-perform si guy when he spoke another line,

Guy: “Naka-brown siyang bag ngayon and may black na watch.” 

OMG. Ako ‘yun. Syet. While he was saying this, I pretended I haven’t heard anything. My friends are already giving me this nakakalokong smiles and hindi na nila ako tinatantanan ng pang-aasar while ako, kunwari patay malisya. But truth is, nag-iinit na mukha ko and super bilis na ng tibok ng puso ko, bes! Kilig! Syet! Haha.

But I stayed calm as much as I can. Composure, beshie. I told my friends to stay for a little while and finish the song before we go. Kunwari wala akong pakialam. Haha! While he was performing, he was looking at me. Kainish! It wasn’t the best version of ‘Chasing Cars’, he doesn’t have the perfect vocals, pero bakit ganun? Siguro ‘pag sayo talaga ni-dedicate ‘yung isang kanta, kahit hindi ganoon kaganda ang boses, kahit may mga sablay na strum sa gitara, kahit may mga tonong hindi tumatama, sobrang maa-appreciate mo; kikiligin ka. 

Ayoko pa sana umalis ‘e. I want to know what will happen next. Unfortunately, we have to go na. As soon as he finished the song, we already left the food park. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, “sayang”.


I just can’t help thinking, “What if we stayed a little bit longer? What could have happened?” Hmm.

Bahala na. I’ll just leave everything to fate. It things are bound to happen, it will. Maybe you’re thinking why I’m making this thing as such a big deal or something. Wala lang. For me kasi, it’s not everyday that someone gets to notice you, to compliment you. Nagulat lang ako and at the same time, overwhelmed. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s just that sobrang tumatatak lang talaga sa akin ang mga taong naa-appreciate ako. With that being said, thanks to you, kuya. Haha!

I hope I’ll see you again somewhere soon. Maybe that rainy Saturday night isn’t the perfect timing yet.

Love and lights,

Abby ❤


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