First Poetry Slam Ever!

This was me reciting my piece (for him) while he was there watching from the audience. [Disclaimer: No. He’s not the guy in the photo.]
It was probably one of the most nerve-racking yet the proudest moment I’ve given to myself. I made the bravest move I can. It was a bold and risky one, yet I was able to get  myself together and get through it. And for that, congratulations, self!

Eto talaga ang nangyari. It was a week before the world celebrates again the infamous day that every couple has been excited about. Yes, it’s a week before Valentine’s Day. Muntik na akong maubo sa gulat when I saw an email from our HR Department. It was about the Singles’ Night that will happen on the 14th an of course, only the single people in the office are invited to come. I can’t help but the to the idea but at the same time, I feel a little off with the idea of rubbing the fact on our faces that we are single and they are so sure that we will be alone on Valentine’s Day. But nah, I just shrugged my shoulders to the idea. After all, we still have a week to go before the 14th.

Fast forward to February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day slash the Singles’ Night. Kuya Berry, one from the HR, sent me a message on Skype telling me that I have a special task tomorrow: to perform a spoken word poetry. Biglang nanginig buong katawan ko. I am not used to this kind of things. In fact, I never did one. Yes, I binge watching poetry slams on YouTube, but I have never written nor perform one yet. But I realized that I don’t have a choice. I need to do it. Wala akong kawala. An so I did. After all, I realized na eto na ata ang perfect chance to say everything I want to say…to him.

And there, I started writing my piece. Kabado ako buong maghapon. Hindi ako nakatulog agad. As far as I could remember, I only had four hours of sleep. And yes, lahat ‘yun ay dahil sa kaba, excitement, plus all the worries bugging my mind. The next day, halos hindi ako nakapagtrabaho ng buong maghapon. I kept myself busy editing and revising my poem. And finally, it’s done! I hope you’ll like it! Seriously, I had my heart racing while I perform this piece. Why? I’ll talk about it later in this blog post. Enjoy reading! 🙂


Tadaaa! So? What can you say about it? I know I’m not really a writer of poems but I hope you were able to get all the feels encapsulated in the poem because in all honesty, I did my very best to pour all my emotions and everything I feel about someone I adore in the office. Haha!

But seriously, what made me feel so kabado in that very moment is the fact that the person whom I dedicate this piece upon, is in my audience! Yes! He is there watching, listening to every word I say about him. I just don’t know if he got the message right pero jusko naman, ang manhid naman kung hindi. Kaloka siya! Haha! But yes, sobrang saya ko na for the first time in my life, I was able to recite a piece I’ve written with all my heart. And the idea na andun ‘yung taong gusto mong andun at nakikinig, it was just EPIC. Sobrang fulfilling. Honestly, it took me all the guts to do it. So yeah, to myself: A big hug to you! You were able to free your brave soul and let everyone in that room, especially HIM, know what you feel inside. Keep it up! 


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