Entry No.61


Has it ever crossed your mind if someone out there has a crush on you? That somehow, there is someone who is secretly falling head over heels about you. Someone who gets that little heart attack moment whenever they get see you. Someone who stutters a lot and even gets lost for words whenever they talk to you. Someone whose face begins to turn red whenever you utter compliments about them or you simply flash a smile to them. Someone who collects pictures of you. Someone who writes about you. Hey, don’t confuse me with stalkers. This idea just got me thinking for days now so I thought of writing them here. Maybe this kind of specie does exists. Maybe there is really that someone who’s out there fancied about your existence. Maybe they’re still taking in a lot of guts and courage to say “Hi!” to you. These are possibilities, possibilities and who knows, maybe I’m right? We just have to wait because, true enough, it’s much easier to recite in front of the class than to confess to someone you have a big crush on him.  


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