Friends for Keeps

h.jpg“Many friends come and go in life, but if you’re lucky, you’ll have a good one that sticks around for the long haul.” -Thought Catalog.

You really are lucky enough if you have those friends whom you have met since your first day in college and they are still there, maybe not physically present but you know with just one call or text, you’ll feel they’re nowhere too far from you to not save you from drowning in deep melancholy.

Maybe it is pretty  grueling to envisage that the days where you see each other everyday are finally over and the only option you have to maintain the friendship you built in college is to keep up with each other through social networking sites like Facebook, Messenger, Twitter and Instagram. But for me, if you really are true friends, neither time and distance can ever knock down the pillars of friendship.

yIt may be a bit stressful to make our schedules meet since we are all busy with our own jobs. We are working in different companies located in different cities. One’s in the province even. But in spite of everything, we still find time to see each other. We grab every opportunity that the squad is complete so we can arrange an overnight hangout together. Movie marathon, food trip, unli-gala, and what-nots. You really know you have real friends if you never had dull moments when you’re with them. You feel accepted with whatever you say and they listen if you have something to share. And not to mention, it is always the best company ever!

Love and lights,

Abby ❤


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