Entry No.57


Hello, self. Let me give this one to you. Hear me out for I want to take this opportunity to make it up to you. Sorry. I want to say sorry for some things. Hear me out.


Sorry for always not believing in you. Sorry for holding back every time. Sorry for carrying so much self-doubt. I know you are more than capable of doing those things you never tried doing just because I am so afraid to fail. Sorry for being so scared to try. 

Sorry for always overthinking. Sorry for being not brave enough to contest my mind. Most of the time, pessimism clouds my thoughts and as a result, I end up hating you. 

Sorry for pushing you too hard sometimes. Sorry for making you so vulnerable to pain. Sorry for always making you feel weary, alone, sad, frustrated, disappointed, brokenhearted and all.

Sorry for all my shortcomings. Sorry. Sorry, self. Let me make it up to you. 


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