Braving Binurong Point

Photo 31-03-2016, 9 57 06 AMFor the past weeks since the season of summer kicked off, photos of beach bums and adventure seekers stirred hype to netizens online. Different scenic beaches and breath-taking mountains waiting to be braved caused everyone to book their trips to places they’ve never been to before. The hype is real and you really can feel everyone is so stoked to try new things and go places.

In a pool of beautiful places here in our country, there are regions left untouched, just waiting to be discovered. These places which are usually located in far-flung areas of provinces are the ones which are undeniably iconic on its own. Our province is in itself blessed with such gift when it comes to these kind of places. Last month, I was too lucky I was able to see these places myself.

After an approximately an hour and a half ride from Virac via FX, we were able to reach Baras Town proper, one of Catanduanes’ 11 municipalities. It is bordered on the north by the municipality of Gigmoto, on the south by the municipality of Bato, on the east by Kaladapan Bay and the Philippines Sea; and on the west by the municipality of San Miguel. It was a short yet a dizzying trip going up. I, being the usual byahilo me, it was indeed a struggle not to throw up during the whole ride. So yeah, I threw up. Gross. Good thing we have a plastic bag ready. Hahaha!

So enough with my blah blah blahs, off we trek to Binurong Point!

There’s this little beach at the foot of Binurong in Brgy. Guinsaanan, Baras.
My squad. All ready and stoked to go up!
Yes, you’ll have to go through these rocks and boulders at the foot of the mountain to reach the top!
Careful, dear! These rocks are a little challenge on the way.
Going up up up! Trekking would just take 15-20 minutes of your time but in our case, it took us almost an hour before we reached the top.
The struggle is real! But it was hella fun, dear!
Waiting for the others to come! Kaya pa? 🙂
Almost there! It’s like entering the gates of heaven! Haha!
Now this is real heaven!

I have to pause for a while to digest everything laid in front of my eyes. I even gasped to myself, ‘Damn. This is real marvel we have here!’

Baaam! Selfie! Sorry, I can’t help but to take a photo. I was definitely awestruck with the beauty of the place.

After I gathered back my senses together, I snapped a selfie, of course.


Photo 31-03-2016, 9 49 46 AM
True enough, you’ll fall in love with the color of the waters here.

It took us about an hour to explore the splendor of Binurong Point before we decided to go down. We still have to go to our next stop, the Balacay Point (I’ll write a separate blog entry about it soon) which is situated in the nearby baranggay before we heading home so we left Binurong already. But before going down, of course, we took advantage of the chance to snap a lot of photos as souvenir.

‘Marvelous’ would be an understatement for this secret-no-more place in our province. On our way home, we can’t help but share our thoughts about how astonishing Binurong Point is.

It was a fun trip and I tell you, seeing the place yourself is 100% all worth it!

Love and lights.

Abby ❤


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