Entry No.52


I wouldn’t deny the fact that the strongest memory in my head today was that moment he held my hands. No, there was nothing special with the way I felt during that moment. No, I don’t feel anything for him. I may not know myself too well but I know well enough that I was only stupefied on that moment he held my hands. I cannot even look at his direction. I can feel my face turning red. I knew it. I was just stunned with this ‘new’ thing happening in front of me. It was nothing but yep, it was memorable. I can’t take it off my mind. It was as if I felt the absence of being alone for a moment. It somehow light up that little bulb of hope inside me that yes, there will still come into my life who will let me feel that I won’t live my life by myself forever. I am not saying it was him. But I know there will be someone out there who’ll walk into my life without me even noticing it. That moment just took me to a little wonderland where I would feel loneliness to the least. It was a little sweet escape for me. With that, thank you. ❤  


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