Home is where my heart is.

12670670_609294535914060_4815197266462834593_nGoing home to my very own island province is one thing I deem the best yet. It excites me. Even if it is still weeks away from the very day of my trip, I can’t help myself from getting pumped for the next days. If only I have the super powers to pull the days on the calendar closer to the day of my trip, I would.

They say, ‘home is where the heart is’. Yep, it’s true.

Last March, I had the chance to escape the hustle and bustle of city life here in the Metro. I was able to file a 5-day vacation leave from work. [Good thing I have a very considerate and understanding supervisor. Oh, well.] Haha! I took advantage of the Holy Week long weekend where I was able to secure an eleven-day vacay in the province.

You see, being away from home for a long time makes you thirsty enough to explore the place more. So, wasting no time, I asked Mama and Papa for a day out to the beach. And guess what? It was a YES! So on the Easter Sunday, right after attending the Easter mass, we rushed to the beach, one of our island’s best, the infamous TWIN ROCK BEACH RESORT!

Nothing’s more scenic in Twin Rock than the white sand beach and the ‘twin rocks’ right there where it got its name.
Here’s the entrance. So there’s Papa and Boboy walking ahead of me. 🙂
Twin Rock Beach Resort offers a wide array of fun and adventure to beach bums such as Wall Climbing, Zipline, Kayaking, etc.

Of course, it’s a family getaway so there’s no way I’m not posting the following photos!


This was that time of the day where I could have take a plunge in the water but it’s just too hot. The sun’s so not friendly with me.
Yes, they have balsa-cottages, too. You can take pictures while on it. You just have to get the perfect timing when no one’s occupying them.



Too sad, I did not get the chance to swim because of the ‘low tide’. Huhu. I really want to try kayaking though but it’s just not my day, I guess.


Beating the heat with these yummy watermelons, Papa’s favorite!


It was really a fun day out. I really cannot remember the last time we had a family outing, ‘yung kami lang talaga. T’was years and years ago. That is why I really cannot contain my happiness after this special day. Mama and Papa granted my wish. I may not had the chance to take a plunge in the sea, nevertheless, everything has been so memorable. I just hope Kuya will be here na the next time we’ll have another family bonding moment in the beach! Thank you, Lord for this blessing.

Love and lights,

Abby ❤


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