Circle of Fun

Circle (32)It is always a joy for us to be able to jam with our college friends once in a while, to do some catching-up after the long weeks of work in the office and to talk anything under the sun like what we always do when we were still in school.  Who would not miss those times? They were one of the best things to treasure for the rest of our lives, to say the least.

It has already been a year since we graduated from college [it was March 28, 2015]. Almost all of us in our batch already found careers in and out of Bicol. Many of my blockmates are here in Manila who fearlessly took the challenge to live the city dwellers’ kind of living. Some pursued their careers in the media, advertising, call centers, etc. And me, I chose to engage myself in publishing.

A year, really can change a lot. It is a given fact that as we leave the portal of our Alma Mater and expand our horizons, things will never be the same again. We will never see each other always like how we used to. Time to talk, bond and jam will be so hard to find since we still have to let our own schedules meet just to push through an out-of-town trip or even just a simple meet-up at a mall, cafe or amusement park.

But when it finally happens, nothing can stop the squad. We’ll see to it that it is going to be a day like we’ll wish would never end.

Last year, December 7, 2015 [Yes. This is a very very late post. Apologies! lol], me and my college buddies went out on a weekend date. I think it’s one way to of reminding ourselves that hey, you should not bury yourself with all your workload in the office, go and take a walk in the park, laugh and have some fun with your friends! And yes we did. In fact, we did a mini photo shoot and yes, we ourselves are our models. lol

Circle (39)

Circle (40)

Circle (43)

Circle (20)Circle (36)Circle (27)


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