Come out of your shell.

Photo 29-04-2016, 11 24 38 AM
That ‘hey-look-here!’ shot.

I’ve always been a fan of some of the best bloggers here in the Philippines. I’ve been following and sneaking from time to time into the blogs of Camille Co, Laureen Uy, Patricia Prieto, Sophie Ramos, Patricia Tan, etc. The list goes on to the girls whom I get inspiration for my blog.

And from them, too, I had this urge to do simple photoshoots of my self and my OOTD.

So yeah,  my friend/boardmate and I have been doing our kind of “photoshoot” whenever we feel like we want to sashay our outfits for the day. We’ve done series of these photoshoots but I only keep the photos in my gallery. Why? Because it ain’t cool to share a whole album on Facebook with only your faces on it and they all just look the same except for the poses. And another thing is, I am not really a fashion blogger to boast my look and all so I’d rather not share it to everyone. LOL.

But I realized, I have a blog where I can showcase these photos. I have a blog where I can post my look without thinking about my insecurities. And sayang din naman ‘yung mga photos kung nakatago lang sa baul. So I’m gonna start putting them all in this blog. At least, I can see it somewhere else aside from than my phone’s gallery.

One thing I’ve learned about life is as you grow older, you have to do the things you’ve never done before, the things that you always wanted to do but you just never have the courage to do it. May it be the simplest things such as dressing yourself up with clothes of the latest fashion, going to places you’ve never been to, watching your favorite bands perform, getting that haircut and new look you’ve been thinking for months now, splurging yourself with a whole body massage on a spa nearby, etc. These are but the few things you can do for yourself to make you happy. You just have to take that little bean of courage in you and let it grow. Let it grow until you can finally consider these things as things that you can do without doing a lot of self-coaxing. Get up, girl and come out of your shell. The world is waiting for you.

Love and lights,

Abby ❤


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