Entry No.26 (A Special Lunch Date)

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This day perfectly defines the phrase ‘Time flies when you’re having fun’. I just had a lunch date with my college friends, Ricar, Marcha and Vince at Banapple here in Cubao. Yes, you could call it a quickie [literally], for we only had an hour to meet, dine and talk. And as usual, we weren’t able to maximize that one hour we have because we still have to wait for someone to complete the puzzle. It’s already fifteen minutes past twelve when we found each other and Vince is still on his way to us. So yeah, after completing the square, we have to rush our food and all so we can go back to our own engagements on time. But of course, how can we forget taking selfies? Lol. It was the usual fun and rowdy and crazy meetups I’ve missed for several months now. If only I can ditch my work at the office today, I would. But nah, I’m too afraid to receive a memo the next day so there’s no way I’m doing it. Haha! Really, that was real quick reunion but yeah, it was probably one of the happiest lunches of my life since I came here in Manila. So, thank you so much, guys! I love you!

Love and lights,

Abby ❤


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