100WPD Challenge Entry No. 1-8


Hooray for my very first entry! Honestly, I am lost for words again (as always). But hey, this is probably one of the reasons why I am here, why I signed up here. I want to challenge myself. I want to grow. I want to uplift my ‘writing prowess’ (if there is really any). And most especially, I want to know myself and live my dream. I really believe that writing 100 words per day would help me grow inside. I just hope I can keep up with the 100-words-per-day drill. I would try. Yes. I will. 


I started on the wrong day. Haha! Nah, but it’s fine. I guess, it’s still nicer to look at, if ever, in the future, I thought of looking back on my very first entry here. At least I know that I made my very first 100-word write-up on April 8, 2016. Oh, did I make any sense with everything I have just written? Anyway, that is exactly me. A girl with random ideas. That, and more, are the things I’ll be writing here. I just really hope and pray that I’ll be able to keep up with this!


Actually, making up for the days I’ve missed makes this whole 100-words-per-day challenge less exciting. I mean, is it not more exciting if you were able to write from the beginning until the end and you were able to write them on the day itself, right? But what more can I do? I was 8 days late for this batch. All I should do is to fill up the lost days and continue this drill tomorrow and on the days to come. I guess I just need a dose of perseverance and a lot of motivation! Ciao!


Hello to my third entry! I have a lot in my mind right now and for that reason, I don’t know what to write about this time. Nah. Lame, excuse. Quit it, Abby. Just keep writing. I am now thinking something for my next entry and the next one. I guess I won’t be running out of ideas to write about, or should I say, I hope I won’t run out of spaces to write them? I still have few a days to fill. I hope in the coming entries I won’t write just to comply with my everyday challenge.


Dear self,
I have decided to write to you today, for you. I just want to throw you some motivational words and comfort you with compliments just so you know that you are a ‘something’ in this world. Self, all you have to do is to believe in yourself that you are one heck of an awesome asset of the company you’re working for, the group you are with, the place you came from. If the people who know you too well and even the people who merely know you by name, believe in you, why don’t you, too?


Hi, there! Just call me Abby. I work as a Multimedia Writer in a publishing company in the Philippines. I am a proud Bicolana. I was one lucky fish among a pool of Bachelor of Arts in Journalism graduates who was able to finish college with Latin honors. Cum Laude *ehem*. I hail all the way from the majestic island of Catanduanes. I have two brothers; the elder one is now working here in Manila like me, while the other’s still in Grade 11. I have two wonderful parents. Mama is a teacher while Papa is a company driver. There.


I’m guessing that in the coming days, you’ll star in all my entries. I mean, they’re mostly going to be about you. Yes, you. I’m afraid this one’s gonna be a space where I can vent out everything I feel about you, everyday, or whenever I feel writing about it. Like, right now. This post is solely about you. If only you could read these hundred-word long write-up about you, maybe, just maybe, you’ll talk to me again. You’ll beep me up just to say ‘Hey’ or ‘Hi’ at least. You. I miss you.


This is to 100words.com, I’d like to say, thank you. Thank you for creating this clever idea, for coming up with such awesome website where people can vent out what they feel, write everything they want, document what they had in a day, and most especially, encourage those lost “writer’s soul” they have in themselves. Thank you. Thank you for this. I hope I won’t catch lazy vibes everyday so I can keep up with this very helpful routine. I promise to try my best to write everyday, I promise to revive, revitalize and immortalize the “writer” in me.


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