100 Words Per diem

This has already been a habit [a bad habit, actually], that I get too idle for like, months [or worse, even a year] in WordPress.com and I tend to forget about updating this blog regularly. Well, I guess it is a common dilemma to me. If it’s not a rush, if it’s not an urgent stuff, I’ll leave it behind first until after how many days of being passive, I would just completely forget about it. Lazy ass, yeah.

But enough with all my blah blahs, I’m finally here again and I’m back with a vengeance! Charot! I just felt that it is another high time to update this blog. I was so bored this morning in the office when I had a sudden thought of revisiting my sleeping blog. Gaaad, it’s been months again since I last updated this one. How can I be so forgetful? Or should I say, how can I be so lazy? LOL. I was actually sneaking on the accounts of the people I follow in Tumblr.com when I stumbled upon Jason Rondero’s [bassist of the hella awesome band Silent Sanctuary] account. I was back-reading his posts in his account when I read about this 100words.com. It is a website where anyone can write about anything in a 100-word write-up everyday. Yes, 100 words every day. No more, no less. The drill is, someone who signed up must write his daily thought and publish it first on his/her account. You have to do this until you finish a month of writing. So that means, 30 or 31 articles per batch [1 month]. If you are able to finish all 30 or 31 straight, then your articles get published in their site where all other people who visit the site will be able to read your write-ups from day one. You just have to sign up then voila!, you can already write your everyday rant or heartaches or anything under the sun. The best thing about it? It’s free!

I got interested with the idea of this website so I tried signing up and writing my first articles in it because why not? I believe this could help me grow. I am thinking that writing everyday will at least reignite my desire to write and write and write until I get the urge to take steps farther from where I am now. As the 100words.com About pages says, ā€œ100 Words is about purpose. Writers come here to be productive, to be creative, to be inspired.ā€ And I’m holding on to that idea. I need to motivate myself because who else will? I need to push myself to grow.

So enough said, I’ll be posting here in my blog my everyday entry to 100words.com, so as to make this blog active as well. I know I got a lot of making up to do so yeah, let’s do this!

P.S. Hey, I encourage you, too, to visit the site and do yourself a favor. Write everyday. It’s healthy for your soul. šŸ™‚

Love and lights,

Abby ā¤


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