When a romantic pairing hits you hard…

Photo credits: @mainedcm's official IG account
Photo credits: @mainedcm’s official IG account

I always love reading comments from netizens around the world about this phenomenal AlDub loveteam. There are haters and bashers, of course, there will always be. But AlDub is just far way different among the other loveteams I’ve seen on TV. The people who support this duo really just outweighs the number of haters. I don’t know. They may have bashers but what’s sure is that they are only a few, unlike any other love teams.

As I was saying, I love reading feel-good posts and comments about AlDub and I just can’t help but share this one comment that really made me smile. I think this guy in the name of Fletcher Del Valle, a YouTube commenter on Chinkee Tan’s vlog entitled  “Hanggang Kailan Matatapos ang #Aldub Mania was able to put everything that’s in my heart towards AlDub. Surely, it’s not kababawan. Here’s Fletcher’s comment. Have a good read!

“Where I stay now, it’s a really advanced and prosperous nation. No doubt the people around me are living in one of the world’s biggest economies. I, however, had always felt there was something missing. In my nearly three years stay, I have never seen a native woman with the “kilig” (is there an english term for this?) reaction. I see many couples, married and lovers, but there’s just no visible spark. You can look at their eyes and faces, but it’s just a blank piece of paper. Maybe theye’re just too busy being among the world’s best, or because they are a very emotionally reserved culture where politeness and etiquette is of utmost importance…or maybe girls just don’t expect to be treated with high regard by their partners. Given my long stay here, I had gradually accepted the fact that romantic satisfaction is a luxury girl’s do not expect over here. I have slowly accepted that it is the reality of this world and it has somehow eaten it’s way into me. At some point, I had thought this was also the reality of the world where I came from. And I admit, I had reached the point where girl’s feelings nearly do not matter to me anymore. I see a lonely girl worried about her not yet-existent love-life, and all I can think of is: that’s the least of my problems. Then I discovered a kalye-serye video because of an accidental “click” in a facebook post (that damned plywood!). After viewing the video, I got curious, I viewed another, and another and ended up in youtube. I will never forget that look on Yaya-dub’s face when she saw Alden looking at her (jul 16 episode).

Photo credits: @ofc_ALDUBKuwait
Photo credits: @ofc_ALDUBKuwait

Watch:  YouTube EAT BULAGA JULY 16 2015 Kalye Serye FIRST ENCOUNTER

It was the face of a girl who was happy, and shy, and panicked, and excited all at the same time… I knew I had seen that before. It was “kilig” at its purest form, something I had not seen for a long time. It felt weird, like remembering a memory you are not sure existed. After that (and watching tons of aldub on facebook), I realized I regained something I had nearly lost. Somehow, the commatose-Filipino-culture in me was reawakened. Credits to Mr. Alden Richards character. There’s this part of Filipino culture where the girl’s feelings is considered more important than the guy’s. A sincere girl’s heart is a fragile gem and mishandling it is a mortal mistake. So far, he’s character has been handling that gem with the most care and affection. With the way that he acts towards yaya-dub (respect and caring), I am sure he is the guy every girl is dying for right now. I don’t know where he will go from here, but definitely, he is that guy that I can never become. Hats-off to you! Lola Nidora reminds me of my mother, or every Filipina-mother that is. She has rules and they are sacred and tough, but they are so because of love. She loves the two of them so much she is willing to be the villain just to set them straight. In the end, it is for their benifit. With the “tamang panahon” already here, I scratch my head: what’s next for them? Most important: when is Alden “Alden Richards?” and yaya-dub “Maine Mendoza?”, I cannot tell anymore. Well whatever it is, which ever it is or what ever will come tomorrow, I know I owe these two big-time. Thank you for giving me back my culture and my sanity.”

This is one proof that all these AlDub thing are not kababawan. It’s the mere proof that we Filipinos really have that heart to love and appreciate little things that make us happy and smile once in a while despite all the problems we have in life. Kudos, AlDub! I love you!

Love and lights,

Abby ❤︎


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