Two Zero.

Hey! Hey! Hey! I am sooo back! Gosh, it’s almost a year since I last posted an update in this blog. My apologies for being too lazy (and busy. Promise!) But to make up for everything, I’ll post something special! Funny indeed that my last post here was also all about my 19th birthday and now, I’ll be sharing to you how I celebrated my 20th birthday! Haha. Yeah. Just look at the gap. Haha!

Okay. Enough with the long intro. Let me start with my blah blah about my 20th birthday!

Finally, I'm 20!
Finally, I’m 20!

January 3, 2015. Just look how I prepared for this special day. Ha! I even bought a new chic
dress to give an extra zest to this very important occasion. Uh-ah, No, I am not having a ‘post-debut’ nor I have a grand ball later in the night. Honestly, I won’t wear a dress even it’s my birthday. I just have to because it was actually my cousin’s wedding day! And guess what? I was the emcee of their wedding. Haha. But to give you a little disclaimer, here’s a few photos of the first half-day of being a twenteen year-old lady:

I got a surprise from my cousin and my bestie!
I got a surprise from my cousin and my bestie!

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